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The Professional B2B Vertical Social Network for Educators, Agents and Service Providers.

1- About us

One Lynk Education is dedicated to helping institutions and educational service providers to recruit prospective students with the help of professional agencies from all over the world. This interactive platform enhances the effectiveness in making personal contact with agencies, so as to develop a better reputation and enrollment while facilitating consultants to gain a better understanding of studying opportunities and career options in your country.

2- Why You Should Join Us

We bring together World Class educators, consultants and educational service providers from around the world.

Educator Categories:

Universities & Tertiary Institutions
College / Vocational Training Institutions
Adult and Continuing and Education Consulting
Overseas Boarding Schools
Supplementary Education Institutions
Language and Business Schools
Arts and Design Schools
Study Tours & Summer Camps

Service Provider Categories:

Accommodation Providers
Payment Providers
Educational Software and more...

Agency Categories:

Professional Consultants
Education Agencies